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Preparations for WRC-15 and RA-15



The World Radiocommunication Conference will be held in Geneva, Switzerland, from 2 to 27 November 2015. It will be immediately preceded by the Radiocommunication Assembly held from 26 to 30 of October, 2015.

Agenda of the WRC-15 is established by the ITU Council Resolution 1343 (C12).

The Regional Commonwealth in the field of Communications takes active part in the preparatory process for WRC-15 and RA-15, in accordance with the RCC Preparations Plan (approved by the RCC Board Decision №46/2 from 12-13/07/2012).

The work is conducted by the Working group on preparation for WRC-15 and RA-15 (WG WRC-15/RA-15), under the RCC Commission on regulation of the use of radiofrequency spectrum and satellite orbits.

WG WRC-15/RA-15 Chairmanship

Chairman – Albert B. Nalbandian, Councellor to the Minister of Transport and Communications of Armenia.


Preliminary position of the RCC CA's on WRC-15 agenda items (april 2015).

The RCC proposals for RA-15 are under elaboration.



Regional Commonwealth in the field of Communications,  Бубнов А. Ф.