4-5 December 2014 in Astana (Kazakhstan) the 6-th meeting on the RCC Commission on regulation on the use of the radiofrequency spectrum and satellite orbits was held. Print E-mail



The Chairman of the RCC Commission, the Director General FSUE NIIR Mr. V.V. Butenko chaired the session.

The speech of welcome was made by the Deputy Chairman of the Committee of communication, informatization and information of the Ministry on investments and development of the Republic Kazakhstan Mr. B. K. Arpabaev who wished the participants fruitful meeting.

On behalf of the ITU the speech of welcome was made by the Advisor to the Director of the ITU radiocommunication Bureau Mr. V.V. Nozdrin.

On behalf of the RCC Executive Committee the speech was made by the Deputy of Director General Ms. N.E. Zorya.

In the meeting’s work participated 34 communication administration’s representatives from Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Uzbekistan as well as the RCC Executive Committee and ITU.

On the RCC commission meeting were heard and approved the reports made by the Chairmen of the Work group on the radiobroadcasting, spectrum management and preparation to the WRC-15/RA-15.

The commission approved and recommended for use by the RCC participants the Recommendation “Standardization of the parameters of the reception installations of terrestrial digital broadcasting television networks”, the Concept of the further development of the digital teleradiobroadcast after 2015 in the interests of the RCC state participants, and information and reference material “On the experience of conversion RFS in the radio frequency bands 694-862 MHz by the RCC state participants”.

The RCC Commission approved the new version of the document “The Preliminary position of the RCC CAs on the WRC-15 agenda”. This document was decided to be recommended to the RCC CAs work use.

The information was heard on the RCC CAs interaction in the field of the use of the radiofrequency spectrum and the needs of the broadcasting service in the radiofrequency spectrum in the frequency band 470-790 MHz.

The participants discussed the results of the working group activity on the preparation of the approval procedures, forms of presentation and the following support of the documents developed by the RCC Commission on RFS and SO, the issues of changes and additions in the strategy directions of the RCC activity accepted on the 45-th Board of the RCC CAs Heads, the projects of the Strategy of interaction of CIS state participants in formation and the development of the information society and the Action Plan on its implementation up to 2025, “The order of RCC interaction with the Regional organizations”.

As Chairman of the Working Group on the RFS was appointed the head of the department of regulation of the use of the radio frequency spectrum of State committee of communication, informatization and telecommunication technology, the secretary of the Republican Council on the radio frequencies of the Republic Uzbekistan, the deputy of the Head of the Commission on RFS and SO Ms. Almira R. Gataulina. On the position of the second Deputy of the Head of the Working group on RFS appointed the Head of the international legal protection of the orbital and frequency resource RGP “GTS” Mr. Timofey G. Kim.

The Commission considered and adopted the plan of its work for 2015-2016.

In the conclusion of the meeting, the Commission adopted a Decision on agenda items.

Summing up, the participants of the meeting expressed the gratitude to the Communication Administration of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the RCC Executive Committee for the excellent organization of the work of the RCC commission and for the warm welcome. 

Regional Commonwealth in the field of Communications,  Бубнов А. Ф.